Diarrhea is defined as "frequent bowel evacuation or the passage of abnormally soft or loose faces" (Oxford Dictionary of Nursing, 1998). There are many causes of diarrhea including short-term causes such as food poisoning and nervous diarrhea, to more long-term episodes involving lactose intolerance, food allergies or sensitivities, parasitic infections, intestinal inflammation or Irritable Bowel Syndrom (IBS). Diarrhea is generally a symptom of an underlying disorder or problem.

The greatest danger of diarrhea is the excess loss of fluids, salts and nutrients which, in turn, leads to other medical problems. Colon Hydrotherapy may improve the symptoms of diarrhea by not only "flushing out" the irritant in the gut, but by also eliminating the possible cause of the problem (for example foods containing dairy, coffee and so on). We can use herbs during the treatment to help reduce any inflammation and provide you with supplements to take home to heal the gut further. Sometimes, diarrhea may be caused by a lack of fiber in your diet. Whatever the cause, your diet will be looked at and remedied as required.

If your diarrhea is due to food poisoning or a parasitic infection, we can use anti-parasitic remedies during the treatment to kill the parasites. You will then be sent home with anti-parasitic supplements and dietary advice to ensure all the parasites and eggs are destroyed. Supplements will also be given to help repair and heal your gut and to repopulate it with probiotics for healthy digestion.