Digestive Issues


 Colons job is to remove toxins from the system. Toxic foods containing viruses, bacteria, metals and unwanted chemicals can cause digestive problems. Colonics can remove the toxins from the colon. This creates larger surface area for absorption of water by the colon. Colon cancer is the 2nd leading cancer in the US. Also, people are spending over 400 million a year for laxatives and related products.

Colon Research Links

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Colonic for Weight Loss

Weight loss via colonics is relates to increasing the efficiency of the colon; therefore, the colonic intake will reduce and weight loss follows.

"Two years ago, I treated a patient who was over 300 lbs with acne on his face. He came back this year. His weight was down to 190. He looked strong and healthy and his acne conditions was resolved. He has referred his friends and family."


Acne and colon hydrotherapy

Acne and colon hydrotherapy

Clinical Case Study: 19 year old Latin male with facial and body acne presents himself for colon hydrotherapy. He had tried over counter medication an in addition to medical consultation. After six treatments the ance disappears. The elimination of acne could mostly be contributed to the unwanted bacteria in the colon. After each treatment the patient is recommended to take probiotics to replace the cleared bacteria with good bacteria.



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  • We no longer accept personal checks.
  • A minimum of six sessions is highly recommended to begin eliminating years of toxicity if this is the first time that you are receiving colon hydrotherapy.
  • Your first two sessions will be booked on two consecutive days. The remaining four sessions will be booked each week for the next four weeks.
  • We do NOT recommend less than six sessions for anyone who has not had a colonic before.
  • Maintenance sessions can be booked as follow up sessions, typically each quarter, following your initial colonic sessions.