Facts and Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it embarrassing?

No, Colon Hydrotherapy isn't embarrassing. You are kept covered at all times and the therapist has had the treatment herself and understands how important it is to protect your modesty at all times.

Is it painful?

Generally not. From time to time some people may have some cramping but the therapist can add some herbs to the treatment to help settle the bowel.

Do I need more than one appointment?

Generally one colon hydrotherapy treatment won't empty the bowel very much, especially if you have suffered from years of digestive problems like constipation.Your therapist will discuss how many treatments you may require. It also depends on your own goals too.

How often should I have it done?

This varies from person to person depending on the condition we are treating. The number of treaments will vary from person to person dependent on their health goals. We can discuss your options during each treatment.

Is it safe?

Yes. Water is introduced to the bowel by a very low gravitational pressure, therefore, there is no danger of bowel perforation. The water is filtered as well as sterilised.

Can I get an infection from the procedure?

We use either disposable speculums or we autoclave our other equipment to ensure there is no potential for cross-infection. We adhere to the strict guidelines and recommendations of The Guild of Colon Hydrotherapists and Edinburgh Council.

Is it harmful?

No, colon hydrotherapy isn't harmful. It isn't like enemas or suppositories which can make your bowel lazy.

Can I go back to work afterwards?

Absolutely. We allow you sit on the toilet following the procedure to ensure your bowel is settled. You may sit in our waiting room until you feel comfortable to leave. Generally our clients go straight back to work and get on with everyday life.

Do I need to do anything before a treatment?

No fasting or special diets are required beforehand.