Candida Albicans


Candida Albicans is a naturally occurring yeast which lives in our gut aiding our digestion. When an overgrowth of candida occurs (for example, through the use of antibiotics, an unhealthy diet, stress and the pregnancy meds an array of unwanted symptoms can occur. The toxins produced from an overgrowth of candida "and the damage done to the gut lining can cause a devastating list of apparently unrelated symptoms that commonly include fatigue, abdominal bloating and pain, food sensitivities and cravings, but also range from athlete's foot to depression, IBS to recurrent thrush and cystitis to a damaged immune system" (The Practical Guide to Candida, J McWhirter).

During your Colon Hydrotherapy treatment, the therapist will discuss your diet and will suggest different ways of improving it which may restore equilibrium. This may include decreasing the amount of processed foods, foods containing sugar, alcohol, mushrooms and fermented foods and vinegars you are ingesting. Whilst you are having your treatment, anti-fungal preparations will be used in the water to restore equilibrium in the system.

Information will be given about foods and ways of restoring balance and promoting the physical and emotional harmony within the body.